2016 Meetings

Below are the links to archived meetings from 2016.

12/08/16 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet
12/05/16 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet
11/10/16 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet
11/7/16 TAC Meeting Agenda  Packet
10/13/16 Director’s Meeting Cancellation Agenda
10/3/2016 TAC Cancellation Agenda
09/19/2016 TAC Meeting Agenda  Packet
09/08/2016 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes
09/05/2016 TAC Meeting Cancellation Agenda
08/11/2016 MPRWA and TAC Joint Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes
07/14/2016 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
06/20/2016 TAC Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
06/09/2016 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
06/06/2016 TAC Meeting Cancellation Agenda
05/12/2016 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet   Minutes  Video
04/26/2016 Director’s Special Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
04/14/2016 Director’s Special Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
04/04/2016 TAC Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
03/24/2016 Director’s Special Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
03/10/2016 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
03/10/2016 Director’s Meeting Closed Session Agenda
03/07/2016 TAC Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
02/11/2016 Director’s Meeting Cancellation Agenda
02/01/2016 TAC Meeting Cancellation Agenda
01/27/2016 TAC Special Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
01/18/2016 TAC Meeting Cancellation Agenda
01/14/2016 Director’s Special Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes  Video
01/14/2016 Director Meeting Cancellation Agenda