Agendas, Packets and Minutes

Agendas are typically posted on the web by 5 p.m. on the Friday prior to the Authority Meeting. Once approved by the Authority, the minutes will be posted on the web site. Click here for the 2014 Meeting dates.

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Archived Meetings for the Authority:  2012  and  2013

Date Type Agenda Packet Minutes Video Handouts
9/15/2014 TAC Meeting CANCELED        
9/11/2014 Directors Meeting Agenda Packet   Video  
9/8/2014 TAC Meeting Agenda Packet   Video  
8/28/2014 Director’s Meeting Canceled  
8/14/2014 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet   Video  
8/04/2014 TAC Meeting Agenda Packet   Video  
7/10/2014 Director/
Governance Committee Joint Special Meeting
7:00 PM
 Packet   Video  
7/10/2014 Director’s Meeting Agenda
7:30 PM
 Packet   Video  
7/7/2014 TAC Meeting Agenda Packet    Video  
6/12/2014 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet    Video  
6/2/2014 TAC Meeting Agenda  Packet  Minutes Video   
5/8/2014 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet Minutes Video  
5/5/2014 TAC Meeting Agenda   Packet Minutes  Video  
4/10/2014 Director’s Meeting Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video  
4/7/2014 TAC Meeting Agenda  Packet Minutes Video   
3/27/2014 Director’s Meeting  Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video  
3/13/2014 Director’s Meeting  Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video  
3/3/2014 TAC Meeting  Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video  
2/13/2014 Director’s Meeting  Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video  
2/3/2014 TAC Meeting  Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video  
1/30/2014 Director’s Special Meeting  Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video  
1/9/2014 Director’s Meeting  Agenda Packet Minutes  Video  
1/6/2014 TAC Meeting  Agenda  Packet Minutes  Video