Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Aquifer Storage & Recovery, or ASR, is the smallest component of the water portfolio, but is the only one already producing water. The ASR project pumps excess water into the Seaside Basin so that it can be used in times of higher water demands and lower water availability.

The SeasideBasin stretches from around CSUMB down to HWY 218 and 68, and already has two sites in operation: one by SeasideMiddle School and the other off General Jim Moore Blvd. These two sites have a joint average annual project yield/diversion of slightly over 1,300 acre feet. Nearly 5,000 acre feet have been stored to date since ASR began five years ago.

The Seaside Basin ASR will have four inputs: Mother Nature/natural flows, excess flow from the CarmelRiver, GWR, and Desal. Desal will have a third site to pump excess water into the Seaside Basin. The Basin can hold approximately 50,000 acre feet and currently has approximately 20,000 acre feet of available storage.

 Watch a brief explanation by Dave Stoldt, Executive Director of the Water Management District to learn more about the desal project.